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Trees for Small Spaces

You want a tree for a small space.  You have a spot in your small landscaped bed or in your courtyard that needs a tree that won’t grow too tall or too wide  And you don’t want the tree to overwhelm the space. Or maybe you want a small tree that will be the focal point and stand out–a specimen tree.  What tree should you choose? There are many options that do well in our area and are perfect for smaller spaces. We have a lined up the contestants…they are all beauties, so your choice will be a tough one!

Tamukeyama Japanese Maple

  • Height 10-12 feet
  • Width 6-10 feet
  • Prefers part-shade to part sun.
  • It has deep red bark; purple-reddish foliage.
  • Considered to be a weeping tree–has cascading branches.
  • Easy to trim and maintain.

Viridis Japanese Maple

  • “Violet Viridis” Height 8-10 feet.
  • Width up to 8 feet.
  • (Imagine an almost bush like tree)
  • Prefers part-shade to part-sun.
  • Fall foliage is gorgeous.

Ryusen Weeping Japanese Maple

  • Height up to 20 feet (this guy can be pretty tall and is a faster growing variety)
  • Width up to 5-6 feet.
  • A great choice for narrow spaces.
  • Prefers part-shade to full sun.  
  • Fall colors are red and yellow (and gorgeous).

Sharp’s Pygmy Japanese Maple

  • Height 4-5 feet.
  • Width 3-4 feet.
  • Compact and dense; shortest of the Japanese Maples.
  • Lovely shape; great for screening.
  • Prefers full sun to part shade.
  • Has orange-red leaves in fall.
  • An evergreen.

Ruby Falls Redbud

  • Compact. 
  • Height 6-8 feet.
  • Width 5-6 feet
  • Prefers part to full sun.
  • Dark pink blooms in the spring.
  • Great as a specimen tree.

Lavender Twist Redbud

  • Height 5 to 6 feet.
  • Width 6 to 8 feet.
  • Similar to Ruby Falls, but branches don’t cascade as much.
  • Prefers full sun.
  • In spring, blooms beautiful dark pink blooms.

Prostrate Beauty Deodar Cedar (pictured above)

  • Height up to 5 feet.
  • Width up to 10 feet.
  • Spreads out beautifully.
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Has a soft feathery look.  
  • An evergreen.

Feelin’ Blue Deodar Cedar

  • Height 4-5 feet.
  • Width up to 10 feet.
  • Spreads out beautifully.
  • Can be made into a topiary.  
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Has a soft feathery look.
  • An evergreen.

Cedrus Atlantica Glocka Pendula (Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar)

  • Height 3-12 feet.
  • Width 3-12 feet.
  • Spreads out beautifully.
  • Can grow upward or cascading depending on support (or lack thereof).
  • Prefers full sun.
  • Has a soft feathery look.
  • An evergreen.

We may not have all of these varieties in stock currently, but we will have them this spring as long as they are available.  If you want to know when we get these varieties in, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, or follow us on social media!  Happy small tree choosing, friends!

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