Do you love the idea of being in a beautiful Garden Center and around plants all day?  Do you know a lot about shrubs and trees (and other plants) and have a desire and passion to share your knowledge with others?  Can you build lasting relationships with vendors and customers and make them love you?  Do you enjoy doing physical work, but also have no problem sitting down at a desk and taking care of things on a computer?  Are you fun?  Sales-minded?  Passionate?  A team player?  

If not, go ahead and click to the next job posting.  But if you are nodding your head saying YES!! THIS. IS. ME!  And especially if you just got goosebumps reading this, we have the job for you in our Shrubs and Trees department at For Garden’s Sake.  This is a challenging, but extremely rewarding position.  Day in and day out, your job may look different.  You spend the beginning of the week taking inventory and reviewing everything that sold in your department over the weekend. You reach out to the best vendors and order shrubs and trees to restock everything.  You collaborate with your team and let them know when these orders will arrive so that you have plenty of help with unloading. But you are very strong and enjoy the physical task of helping to load and move trees and shrubs into their places.  In fact, you love that you get your workout while you are at work!

When orders arrive, you inspect the shrubs and trees to make sure they are top quality, and if not, you are sure to communicate that professionally to the vendor.  Day to day you are very aware of the condition of your inventory, taking note of any possible disease or pests that might be plaguing your plants.  You know how to treat them, and make sure it is done properly and quickly.  

You also spend time arranging and displaying your shrubs and trees to make sure they look their best and are easy to access and inspect.  You love the challenge of creating a display with shrubs and trees that compliment each other so you inspire shoppers with their own ideas.  Speaking of shoppers, they are your favorite.  You love talking with them about the latest and greatest shrub or tree to go in their landscape.  Answering all their many questions gives you lots of joy.  And they love you because you are easy to talk to and just make them want to buy ALL the plants.  

You also share your knowledge with other staff who might not know as much about trees and shrubs as you do.  You love the idea of taking someone under your wing and helping them grow and learn in our industry.  While you don’t have to lead all the time, you are happy to take a lead role when necessary and support the manager however she needs.  Delegation is no problem for you–you know it takes a team to get the job done right.  

Your favorite part of the job is that you can take your lunch break sitting under the tree canopy at a little table in the garden or over at the picnic table under the willow tree by the pond.  Being outside so much is just the best in your mind. It doesn’t matter to you if it is hot, cold, or rainy.  You know that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing choices. 

When you have to be in the office, you have no problem communicating with vendors through email or over the phone.  You are a whiz at using Google Suite, and are very familiar with sheets and docs.  Preferably, you have used Quickbooks POS before and are very comfortable with all the processes.  

If all of the above sounds like YOU, please apply here.  We can’t wait to talk to you.