Julia Sampson

Garden Center Manager, julia@fgsdurham.com

Julia is from Pembroke, NC, but now lives in Durham, NC.  Her professional background began in agriculture where she focused on the aggregation of local NC food.  She is incredibly passionate about supporting local farms, so she is a perfect fit for sourcing locally grown plants here in NC at our Garden Center.  Julia loves small businesses and is delighted to be able to further her career here at FGS where she can continue to foster her passion for plants.  She loves personal finance and can often be found making monthly budgets.  When she isn’t visiting gardens or other local nurseries in her free time, she is avidly gardening and caring for her cat, Loaf.

Ann Milam

Sales Department Lead, ann@fgsdurham.com

Ann is a native of New York and grew up in New York City.  She left the big city behind 13 years ago and moved down here to NC.  She lives with her husband and dogs in Durham.  Prior to managing our garden center, Ann was a teacher and worked in social services.  However, she has always had a soft spot for gardening and would do gardening jobs on the side.  She is a life-long gardener, and she loves helping people finding the right plant for the right place in their gardens and helping new gardeners overcome their fears.  She spends free time with her dogs, kayaking or tracing her family tree.

Aurora Cloutier

Sales Department Lead, aurora@fgsdurham.com

Aurora grew up in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, just outside of Asheville. Aurora previously worked as a private gardener maintaining residential gardens in the Asheville area before moving to Durham and joining our Garden Center team.  Her creativity has many outlets here at FGS.  You will likely be dazzled by one of her beautiful displays when you visit.  She is always looking to learn more about her specialized areas, which is currently trees and succulents.  Aurora loves her fur family: two horses, a cat, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She also loves herbalism, stone medicine, yoga, photography, gardening (of course!), and creating crystal grids on hiking trails or beaches for others to enjoy.

Joey Pierce

Sales Department Lead, joey@fgsdurham.com

Joey grew up in Greensboro, NC, and lives there now, but is relocating to Durham soon.  Before finding his passion for houseplants, Joey worked extensively in the service industry.  But he discovered that what he really enjoyed was working around and with plants, and helping people find the perfect plant for them.  This made him a perfect fit for the FGS Houseplant Department Sales Lead.  When Joey isn’t ordering or tending to the houseplants of FGS, he spends his free time hiking, especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian mountains.  He loves touring botanical gardens and discovering new music, particularly music that makes you want to move your feet!

Mariah Jefferson

Sales Department Lead, mariah@fgsdurham.com

Mariah is the pottery queen around here.  Originally from Mid-coast Maine where she grew up with 7 other siblings, Mariah has now been in Durham, NC for the past three years.  She spent most of her career in grocery retail, but her love for plants and the green industry brought her to us.  Mariah’s love for all things green grew out of spending summers working in landscaping.  Her hard-work and willingness to be a team player, plus her exceptional eye for color and display make her the perfect fit for our Pottery Department Sales Lead role.  When she isn’t perfectly placing pots or helping customers at FGS, she is cooking, gardening, camping or hiking with her husband. 

Josh Stevens

Garden Center Administrative Assistant, josh@fgsdurham.com

Josh is the smooth voice that will greet you (90% of the time) whenever you call the Garden Center. He grew up in Hilton Head, SC and Centreville, VA, but made the great choice to lay his hat down for a while in Chapel Hill.  Josh worked previously in the catering and food industry, but decided to try his hand at the green industry.  He loves being outdoors and learning about plants, so the Garden Center is a great fit for him.  Josh spends his free time listening to music, watching anime, and playing video games or golf.

Judy Rosenberger

Houseplant Specialist, judy@fgsdurham.com

Judy cannot call one particular place “where she grew up” because she lived in multiple coastal cities in the US and Japan.  Judy has placed roots in Cedar Grove, near Hillsborough, NC where she lives with her husband, dogs, cats and Budgie Birds.  Before working in garden centers and becoming our houseplant guru, Judy was a Certified Dental Assistant.  We are so glad she chose plants over teeth.  If you can’t find Judy tending to all the houseplants, she is likely spending time with her grandchildren, fishing in her lake, playing with her animals, or tending to her garden.