Event Planner and Assistant

Do you like variety?  Do you love the unexpected?  Do you like the idea of coming up with new ideas that will generate income and interest?  Are you a meticulous planner and attentive to details?  Are you okay with being pulled in many different directions (sometimes all at once)? Juggling many different plates at one time? Are you creative? Fun-loving?  Self-motivated?  Passionate? 

If all those questions just scared you, then look elsewhere.  If those questions just made you think…I would LOVE that…that’s ME!!! Then please.  Keep reading.  Day to day, your job may look pretty different.  One day you’ll be planning and coordinating classes with our many plant coaches, tracking all the attendees through Wufoo, and creating a spreadsheet with contact info.  You’ll be sure to create a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything for the class. The next day, you’ll be reaching out to bands and vendors planning our next Music in the Garden Event or setting up food trucks for the weekend.  Up next will be your own brainstorming moments where you will come up with new and exciting ways to produce revenue through events here at the Garden Center.  You’ll be communicating with colleagues to let them know about upcoming events so we have everything ordered and ready to go. 

You’ll be around on some Saturdays or Sundays for baby showers, bridal showers, or parties taking place in one of our event areas.  You’ll be here on the occasional weeknight serving beer or wine from The Potting Shed while a class is going on.  You’ll spend plenty of time at your desk making sure you have everything ready to go and organized for the next thing…whatever that is.  And you are THRILLED by the idea that we may host weddings or larger events in the not so distant future.  

While you’re doing any of the above, Marsha, who you will be assisting, may come up with a brilliant idea and need your input or need you to pause what you are doing and help her out. You’ll check in with her everyday to make sure she is good to go or if she needs you to take care of something for her.  She has 10 tabs open in her head at once, so you need to help her close those tabs so she can keep doing her.  

You are a social media guru and know how to create posts, stories and reels.  You have a knack of knowing what is trending and the latest fun thing going on.  You also have excellent writing skills and grammar.  Seeing your when it is supposed to be you’re drives you nuts.  You like to get artsy every now and then.  

Pay starts at $17, but we may pay more depending on experience. We offer dental and vision insurance, IRA, paid time off, paid holidays and other benefits like fresh baked goods and an amazing culture.  

If reading this post gave you the goosebumps, or at least got your heart beating a little fast with excitement, then please apply.  Otherwise, this position is probably not for you…

Apply HERE!!