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Repotting Your Houseplants: A General Guide

Many houseplants like to stay in the pot they were bought in, sometimes for years, but from time to time, your plant will get large enough or root bound enough that it is time to replant.  Or your plant might have babies that need to start their own home.  There are a few signs that …

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Repotting and Dividing Birdsnest Sansevieria

This Birdsnest Sansevieria is one of my favorite houseplants (and that is saying something since I, Amanda, have over 60).  Sometime last year, I noticed two baby shoots growing out of the side. I was ecstatic. I checked with Judy, our FGS houseplant coach, and asked her whether I should divide it or wait. She …

How to Clean Your Houseplants
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Cleaning Your Houseplants

It’s that time of year to do some reorganizing, decluttering, and deep cleaning.  We know you will likely take care of the usual–closets, junk drawers, under the bed–but there is one area we think you might overlook–your HOUSEPLANTS!  Yes, indeedy. From time to time, your houseplants need a deep cleaning as well. If you love …

Shade Plants
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Evergreen Perennials

Perennials–I think most of us know that they come back year after year, which is why we love them so much, but a lot of people falsely presume that all perennials are deciduous.  Actually, many perennials are evergreen and will provide color all year long.  To help you, we decided to suggest some perennials that …

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Confessions of a Newbie Houseplant-aholic

Prior to starting here in January 2018, my houseplant collection consisted of one very pathetic pothos with four, maybe five leaves, that sat on the top of the commode in my kids’ bathroom.  In college, I did have a jade plant that lived for a few years, only because of severe neglect (a jade is …

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Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) Care

If you are looking for a houseplant to do well in medium to low light, the Aglaonema, also known as a “Chinese Evergreen” is a perfect choice.  It’s easy to care for and offers beautiful foliage. Perhaps you have an Aglaonema already and it is not thriving the way you would like it to. Whether …